Hatha Yoga traditionally means 'yoga of force' or any form of physical yoga but in Western cultures usually refers to a slower flow between yoga asanas (poses), holding them for a number of breaths. 
I love this style because working with the breath holding poses for longer enables the body to open up and muscles to stretch slowly, building strength and resilience. 
We open the class with some grounding and breath work (pranayama) to help relax the body and mind before moving through sun salutations (a sequence of poses linking breath with movement) followed by a slow flow through some traditional poses, including balances and seated stretches. At the end of the class we settle down for savasana, a lying down pose, for some relaxation. See the timetable for information about Hatha classes and their locations. Visit the Testimonials section to see what people say about my classes.​​​​​​​

Practising Warrior 3, a powerful strengthening balance

Yoga for Wellbeing - some well-deserved relaxation after a strengthening flow

Yoga for Wellbeing - St John's Church Hall (down the driveway), Vicarage Road, CM2

Move & Melt - combining Yang and Yin yoga, Christ Church, New London Road

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