Since September 2021, I have been teaching chair yoga and now have three classes in Chelmsford, one at the RAF Association, one at Miami Retirement properties (only available to residents) and one at the RHP Bowls Club. I believe yoga is for people of all ages and abilities and practising yoga on a chair makes it even more accessible. Don't be mistaken though, we practise most of the traditional yoga poses in a seated or standing position and it is still a thorough workout for the whole body.
We start by arriving in the space, practise breathing exercises and a short warm up, followed by a flow through a variety of poses and some balances, before settling back down for relaxation/meditation. 
Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, people felt increasingly isolated, scared to go out and a sense of community was lost. I have experienced so much joy as these communities have grown and everyone looks forward to the class each week. The men and women who attend are absolutely lovely and so welcoming to newcomers. Most of them had never tried yoga before but are seemingly now hooked! If you are unable to leave your home to come to classes, for whatever reason, I am also setting up online classes beginning in May 2024 - Click here for details.
If you would like to know more or try a class, please get in touch. But don't just take my word for it: 
"I always look forward to my weekly chair yoga class with Jo, I feel so much healthier in mind and old body afterwards!"(Ann)
"I enjoy the class and find it most relaxing, learning to breathe properly. During the class I find that outside thoughts are non existent and forget any worries that I might have had. Lovely feeling!  Thank you."(Yvonne)

"At my age I never thought I would be able to do yoga, let alone enjoy it. Chair yoga is suitable, beneficial and accessible for all ages and levels of fitness. Jo is very friendly, understanding and encouraging. I thoroughly recommend it." (Maureen)

RHP Bowls Club

RAFA Club - Chair yogis in a modified version of Warrior 2, a fantastic strengthener for the shoulders!
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