As a teenager I had a Yin and Yang necklace but no clue what it symbolised! ☯️ 

What I have since learnt is that ancient Chinese tradition (Taoism) teaches that everything created in the Universe has two opposite energies, Yin and Yang. Yin is seen as dark, cold, mysterious and is associated with the earth, whereas Yang is seen as warm, bright, positive and is associated with heaven. Yang is fast, Yang is active. Yang is how we often feel we should be - striving for more and more.

With its roots in Taoist tradition, Yin Yoga came about from a need to slow down. In contrast to the more 'yang' Vinyasa or Hatha yoga, dynamic practices moving with the breath, Yin yoga is the quieter, slower sister!

Yin is all about stilling the body to still the mind. A moment's peace in a very Yang society! Perfect during the cold, dark months when the body craves rest and relaxation. 

Traditionally, Yin is practised cold without a warm up but I like to start with a few gentle stretches. We then come into a series of yin postures that feel right in the body, allow ourselves to find stillness, and linger a while, letting the body soften and relax. When the muscles are inactive it allows the stretch to move into the joints and connective tissue. Think deep benefits! With fairy lights, candles, essential oils, relaxing music and some thai massage, this is a very nourishing class. 

When better to experience this calming, deeply restful practice than a Friday, at the end of a busy week to prepare for the weekend? 
This Friday night class started in December 2022 at Christ Church on New London Road and has now moved to Highwood Village Hall, a beautiful Eco building:
 "I went to my first Yin Yoga class this evening with the fantastic Jo Bushell. It was relaxing, soothing and pampering yet also energising and motivating. So nice not to spend an evening being sluggish on the sofa and to do something positive with my evening." 
"Friday's nocturnal Yin class with Jo is a very enjoyable way to end the week, leaving me relaxed; and feeling kinder and warmer. Jo explains the different poses, the energies between the Chakras. Quiet and meditative, it's a wonderful balance to the noise of the week. Thank you."
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