Hello, I'm Jo Bushell. My yoga journey began over 10 years ago when I was working as a photographer and had a shoot with a yoga teacher. She invited me to her class and it ignited something within. I fell in love with all the postures and stretches and the feeling of calm it brought during and after the class. I was going through a tough time transitioning between careers and yoga became my go-to for improving my mood. I also found that the lower back pain I had experienced since turning 30 started to ease. Fast forward 5 years and two children later, I found that yoga really helped my mental health and wellbeing. Life can be crazily fast-paced with two small children and I often felt overwhelmed with anxiety. Returning to my yoga mat and finding some stillness in the mind has been a life saver. There is a saying that yoga doesn't make life better, it makes us better at life and this really resonates with me. I find I'm better equipped to navigate the inevitable bumps in the road and can live in the moment more if I've been on my mat first! 
I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2020 after completing my 200 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga with YogaLondon. During a year that will forever be remembered for Coronavirus, lockdowns and homeschooling, yoga yet again saved my sanity and the training was a life-changing experience. I loved learning about the history of yoga and philosophy behind the practice. The course confirmed to me that yoga is more about stilling the mind than flexibility...and I say this as someone who cannot do the splits and would rather lie in savasana than be upside down. I want to share my learning and experience of practicing yoga with everyone and truly believe that it should be accessible to all. 
Since qualifying, I have taught an online class every Monday evening and since September 2021 I started teaching a Chair Yoga class. I'm so excited to begin teaching Hatha Yoga in person from January 2022 and look forward to welcoming lots of new students into my class. 
Namaste x 
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