Would you love to try a chair yoga class but you can't or don't want to leave the house?
I have recently been inspired by a few people I've met along the way who are interested in chair yoga but are unable to come to classes in the community. My mantra is 'Yoga for All' and I have been thinking about ways to make chair yoga accessible to everyone, even those who are unable to attend physical classes. I would like to set up an online community of people who are interested in chair yoga but either they care for a loved one, or perhaps have mobility issues or simply don't want to attend a class with other people. For a monthly payment of £20 I will offer weekly online classes, to include breakout rooms on Zoom for people to get to know each other after class for anyone that would like to. I will also arrange twice yearly meet ups to allow people to socialise together and share experiences. Please let me know if you are interested by clicking the subscribe button at the top of the page and entering your email address. I will be in touch soon with more details but hope to start classes online in May 2024.
Here are a few Testimonials from people I have taught for the last 3 years. You can also read more reviews on Google:
"I always look forward to my weekly chair yoga class with Jo, I feel so much healthier in mind and old body afterwards!"(Ann)
"I enjoy the class and find it most relaxing, learning to breathe properly. During the class I find that outside thoughts are non existent and forget any worries that I might have had. Lovely feeling!  Thank you."(Yvonne)

"At my age I never thought I would be able to do yoga, let alone enjoy it. Chair yoga is suitable, beneficial and accessible for all ages and levels of fitness. Jo is very friendly, understanding and encouraging. I thoroughly recommend it." (Maureen)

RHP Bowls Club

RAFA Club - Chair yogis in a modified version of Warrior 2, a fantastic strengthener for the shoulders!
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